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Grybų rinkėjai (be anglų k.) – Airijoje

Ieškome grybų rinkėjų darbui pievagrybių ūkyje Airijoje.

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- Grybų rinkimas, rūšiavimas, svėrimas;
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Darbas slaugos srityje, Anglijoje

Siūlome legalų darbą Anglijoje, slaugos srityje.

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- Slauga su gyvenimu pas žmogų (Live – In); (daugiau…)

Care assistant – UK

What is a Care Assistant?

As a Care assistant your role is to attend to our resident’s personal care, from getting residents ready for the day ahead to helping with meal times. You will make sure all their physical and emotional needs are met in a way that’s caring, kind and respectful. In time you will get to know our residents individually and their families/friends so you can find out how a resident likes to do things. They might enjoy reading the daily newspaper with a cup of tea every day at 10am! It will be your job to know what keeps our residents happy. (daugiau…)

Senior Care Assistant – UK

What is a SENIOR Care Assistant?

The same as a Care Assistant, but with the additional duties of front line supervision and monitoring of Care Assistants. As a Senior Care Assistant you will be in charge of a shift of workers and will take responsibility for the smooth running of the service whilst they are on duty. You will respond to emergencies and provide guidance and support to Care Assistants under the supervision of qualified Nursing Staff. You will also participate in staff induction programmes as and when required, promote safe working practice at the Home and ensure that all commodities used in and around the Home are sensibly conserved by staff e.g. monitoring the usage of incontinence aids, wipes etc. (daugiau…)

LIVE IN Care Worker – UK


To live in the customers home and support their daily living as assessed by the Company. To meetthe personal care and support needs of customers in a way that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes their independence. The care and support provided by Care and Support Workers is expected to include support that would reasonably be given by members of the customer’s family and is not to include tasks that would normally be undertaken by a trained nurse. (daugiau…)

Registered Nurse – UK


As a Registered General Nurse (RGN) you will be leading a team, you’ll ensure our residents receive care that promotes choice, dignity and respect. You will also be involved in building close relationships with healthcare professionals in the local community. Most importantly, you will be given the time to get to know our residents, and their families. This will enable you to deliver a truly personalised model of care. (daugiau…)

Domiciliary Care Worker – UK


To share with other staff in meeting the personal care needs of service users in a way that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes independence.  Care provided by care assistants is expected to include care that would reasonably be given by members of the service user’s own family and is not expected to include tasks that would normally be expected to be undertaken by a trained nurse. (daugiau…)

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